What does it do?
Googomi lets you turn your public Google+ posts into an RSS feed. After signing up you'll be given a URL which you can plug into a variety of services. Try using it in an IFTTT recipe, for example.

How does it work?
Every two hours Googomi will scan your public Google+ profile and for each new or updated post it will generate a feed item. Depending on our Google+ API quota and level of usage we may be able to scan more often.

What will be used as the URL for each item?
If the post is an attachment, then the external URL will be used unless the attachment is some material posted on Google+, eg a photo.

What will be used as the title for each item?
If the post has an annotation that will be used. Otherwise it will attempt to use either the title of the referenced post or the title of the externally linked item, where available.

What permissions do I need to grant Googomi to work?
Naturally you must have a Google+ account. We request personal information from your Google+ profile. We specifically request your list of public activities. For further details check out the "plus.me" scope section from the Google+ API Oauth section. We also use your email address to inform you of important Googomi service announcements. We do not request anything else, such as details of your Circles and their contents, nor do we need to update your Google+ activities.